Our Purpose 

 We exist to create a strong community of women, who inspire each other to live their best lives.

We have a fresh, simple, real, holistic and friendly approach to help women achieve their goals

  We bring fun and freedom in to each day

We thought why can't looking after your health be joyous, fun even? So Pineapple Fitness was born


Our Values.


 you are enough


 nourish your body with simple, wholefoods


 friendly, uplifting and authentic


Fun, functional, adventurous, movement to LIVE your best life. Exciting workouts that are programmed to create a strong, lean and fit body. Plenty of variety to keep you interested and coming back for more

It's nice to have a new fitness regime, but it's real nice to know how it all fits with your nutrition and life and all that other stuff you've got to do every day!  

Here’s what Pineapple Fitness founders Brit & Shell recommends:

  • Throw out the scales! we focus on how we feel, how our clothes fit (we have really cool body composition scans which actually tell you what you're measuring, it's the same ones astronauts use)!

  • Eat the rainbow! Using real, wholefood ingredients and simple recipes. (we've got your covered here)!

  • Move your body - with us and most days! All movement counts, eg. Park at the back of the car park and walk those extra steps, and we all know getting a park there is easier so it's less stress, winning!! Set a goal... run that half marathon, finish Tough Mudder, & realise that you can keep up with your kids and family all weekend!

  • Become friends with the person inside you. Weird right, but not really. We help you find, get to know and love that person inside. You are enough. We're on that journey ourselves, and it is the key to the success of all of the above.