We have 40 days left of Winter girls! Let's keep the motivation and good vibes up with the little challenge hey! The most important aspect of being fit and healthy is consistency. The challenge is simple, the more you train the more chance you have to win some kick-ass prizes...


Accountability Challenge! 

  • Once you register for the challenge, you’ll receive your very own Sprint to Spring “score card”, which we’ve had specially made for you to collect as many stamps as possible.

  • Your trainers will stamp your card each time you show up to training. There are certain, secret conditions that apply (sign up to find out what they are). For example, if you wake up one morning and it’s raining, think twice before you hit that snooze button, as attendance to that particular session may just be worth more stamps than usual!

  • Want extra points? Let a friend who is not a current Pineapple member know about the challenge and if they sign up for the Challenge, you'll both start with an extra 7 stamps on your cards!

  • There will be prizes for the girls with the top 3 amount of stamps! The prizes are looking awesome!

Members Draw

There will be another opportunity to win a prize...Our members draw! 

How it works:

  • Just like at the pub ;) All members will choose or be assigned to a members number. Each week of the challenge, we will choose two classes (one mums class and one normal class) on the timetable to be our Members Draw Class. We will randomly pick a number at the Members Draw Class and if it’s your number and you are present, you take home the prize!

  • The number and winner as well as whether the lucky or unlucky winner was present, will be announced on Facebook each week. Moral of the story - be there for your chance to win!

  • If the winning member is not present, then the prize jackpots!


The Details

When: We begin on Monday the 22nd July

Cost: This is a free challenge for all Pineapple Members 

You have to fill out the below form to be in the running for both competitions!


Not a current member of Pineapple Fitness?

No worries! Join us for the month of August and compete in the challenge! You will receive unlimited access to our women's only, group fitness sessions for 40 days (6 weeks), access to our private Facebook Forum, an introductory goal setting chat with you trainers to set a plan that will give you success. The cost for the 40 days (6 weeks) is one upfront payment of $229!

You'll be amazed by what you can achieve by Spring with 40 days of consistent training.



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