The Pineapple Team.


Brittany ashman - co founder

She’s the 25-year-old beach babe known for her infectious personality, her down to earth vibe and fun-loving attitude. Brit co-founded Pineapple Fitness with the aim of injecting a little fun and freshness into the fitness industry! She’s happiest when on an adventure in the sunshine, can’t resist a cosmo or an opportunity to dance! Brit’s passion is empowering women to live their best life, to take life with their two hands and make something amazing of it!

shell bon.png

Shelley lentfer - co founder

Shell has always been active but fell in love with a holistic, healthy lifestyle after the birth of her baby Bonnie (who is now 5)! She knew she needing to leave the corporate world and start spreading the love and joy she had found with others. She is a qualified, expert Mums Trainer, but don't think that means she is soft! She has her own personal style which gets results. 

Shell has many previous and current pre + post natal clients, she helps keep them moving for an energetic, healthy pregnancy, and rebuilds and restores after birth, she really only does it so she can snuggle all the cute babies! She has used her strategies on herself, and has seen them work time and time again, ensuring that she has the right approach. 
Her expertise does not stop there. She is passionate about nutrition and finding simple strategies for busy women and mums with kid approved recipes to make meal prep as easy as possible, and maximise the time you have out of the kitchen! 

Shell is positive and strong, she knows and loves that exercise and nutrition are the key building blocks to a robust, content mental state, she is an inspiring coach who is passionate and caring, she also loves a chat! She is happiest when riding her bike, or at the beach, with her friends and family (and Brucie)... or in the kitchen, fermenting, creating, sharing and eating! 


Lawrence Perfitt - Coach

When I moved over to Australia a month ago my aim was to help people in the community get into fitness. As a stay at home dad, he particularly wanted to help out mums and parents who struggle to find time to workout. He loves being part of something that prides itself on building community and being supportive as he believe this to be one of the most essential aspects to people achieving their goals.

Which one of Pineapple’s four core values means the most to you? I would have to pick community as without support and passionate individuals around you it is easy to become discouraged and give up. I come from London where it is a common scenario to not know who your neighbours are, let alone say hello to anyone at the gym. One of the reasons why we wanted a change and a move to Newcastle is so that I could have an impact in a community, get to know those who love the city and help build a strong and safe community for my son to grow up in. Through fitness I believe this to be one of the most powerful ways to build positivity into the community.

What was your last dress up party costume?: The last dress up party I went to was themed as go as anything beginning with G. I went as a Gnome... although I think I looked more like a Smurf!

What is your fav 90's song?: oh man!!! are you serious!!! I could probably fill a library with favourite 90s songs. But, i'm going to pick one....
The Bomb (these sounds fall into my mind) - The Bucket Heads
I hope that song made it out here.

Hot Pineapple? (e.g Hamburgers, Pizza etc) Yay or Nay?: Soz but it's a nay from me, lets keep that pineapple nice and fresh, and my pizzas full of pepperoni!!!


Sean Bastock - Coach

Tell me what interests you most about this opportunity?: Having the opportunity to work along side your team to do what I love doing most in this world which is coaching people on health and fitness and forming deep/meaningful relationships.

Pick one of our core values that resonate most with you and tell us why?: Mindset- For most of my life I was unhappy, maybe not depressed but I always felt something was missing. I have been going deep into self development for the past 3 years, then one day about 6 months ago as I was driving home from “work” (I don’t like using the word work when your doing something you love ), for the first time in my life I felt happiness! I felt joy, fulfillment and that for the first time in my life everything felt in alignment.
I never thought I would reach this feeling in my life, but I have! I now have knowledge, lessons, tools and techniques that I want to share with people who are where I was, to help them reach true happiness now.

What was your last dress up party costume?: The Mask!

What is your fav 90's song?:

I like almost all music/genres. One fav is Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Hot Pineapple? (e.g Hamburgers, Pizza etc) Yay or Nay?: Yay

And that dessert pineapple you get from Brazilian restaurants!!!!!


Isabelle Wening - Coach

Tell me what interests you most about this opportunity?: I‘m just in the process of relocating to Newcastle from Sydney and have worked with the BUFGirls on the Northern Beaches for over a year. Sian mentioned that you guys up there went out as Pineapple Fitness and I thought it would be worth a shot to get in touch. :-)

Pick one of our core values that resonate most with you and tell us why?: I think the mindset is the most important part! This is what I loved about working for BUF the attitude that it’s not about looks at all but about feeling good about yourself no matter what size you are!

If we were to hire you for this position and I granted you three promises in regard to working here, what would they be? : A great welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and vibe within the team as well as the clients
Opportunities to progress and grow (I love learning new things and am currently doing a massage therapy qualification)
And to always have an open ear for feedback

What was your last dress up party costume?: 80‘s step aerobic instructor!

What people skills do you have that will make you a world class coach?: I‘m very intuitive and can communicate with a variety of people which is a skill I believe I always had but that has been strengthened in my 4 years of working as a PT

What is your fav 90's song?: Wannabe by the Spice Girls

Hot Pineapple? (e.g Hamburgers, Pizza etc) Yay or Nay?: I prefer it fresh but don’t discriminate as I love food in general haha!