Changes To The Timetable for the 18th - 29th June 2018! 

Hello Pineapple Sisters!

We have put the finishing touches on the timetable for when the gorgeous Brit marries her Tim in Bali!

pines in the air.jpg

It has been so cool calling on our tribe and putting together a fun timetable to keep you training while we are away. What this means is that we have a full timetable operating in Newcastle, and the Lake Mac location will merge with Newcastle for a 2 week period from 18th June to the 29th June. It will be a great opportunity to come together as one big crew!

As you will see on the timetable below, we have a few brilliant trainers joining us for the two weeks!

We have the amazing Steph who used to work for us and now runs her own fitness business at Cameron Park as well as Leah who currently runs yoga for us on a Wednesday morning!

Our incredible Pilates instructor Laura will still be taking Thursdays Mum classes as usual! Gun trainer Anita who currently takes Stretch + Release at Warners Bay on a Friday will be making some cameo appearances at Friday Strong + Lean and a few Mums sessions! Woo hoo - I know you have all missed her! 

We will also have two of our amazing clients Amy Robilliard and Sarah Colston taking a couple of classes! So many talented people in our crew! Amy is a qualified Exercise Physiologist and Sarah is a qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor!

Last but definitely not least, we will have Jeni from The Movement Collective taking a Strength and Balancing class for one of the night and Mums classes!

You gals are not going to want us to come home! Hehe ;) We're going to miss you babes so much but we know you're in incredible hands while we're gone and can't wait to tell you all about our holiday when we get back. We will be sure to get sooooo many pineapple pics! It's a very cool moment for us as we've never been on holidays at the same time so we will be sure to soak up every Pina Colada we have ;) 


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Contacts for while we are away! 


Steph - 0401 627 920

Anita - 0473 527 934

Jeni - 0423 613 041

Laura - 0413 485 059

Sarah - 0421 567 145

Amy - 0499 865 400

Courtney - 0435 730 447

Leah - 0420 508 089

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For admin related enquires such as putting your membership on hold

Please email Donna at and she will action your request ASAP! 


Our Babysitting manger, Bea will also be the Chief Pineapple here while Shell and Brit are away! You can contact her at or on 0414 683 590

Shell will also be contacted at

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