Stay Strong, Sane and Social in the lead up to Christmas!

This challenge will help you:

  • Stay consistent with your training sessions in the lead up to Christmas or actually get Stronger + Fitter in the time where it’s common to gain weight

  • Stay Sane as the silly season ramps up rather than exhausted and frazzled when Christmas Day arrives!

  • Still be Social, enjoy the Christmas parties and all the fun + magic this time of year brings!

The Goals:

  • To commit to a certain number of Pineapple sessions per week, turn up and feel strong and energetic.

  • To learn how to navigate the Christmas party snack table and learn the best options to eat so you feel amazing and radiant

  • To not feel frazzled, overwhelmed and burnout by the Silly Season so you arrive at your Christmas holidays with energy left to spare

  • To make a healthy and active lifestyle second nature so you can have glowing skin, feel strong and lean and have boundless energy all year round!

  • To start saying no to commitments that no longer serve you so you feel balanced, alert and calm plus actually show up and have fun rather than dreading social engagements you usually enjoy

  • To build confidence in your body and become the best version of YOU!

What’s included?

  • A NEW challenge card to keep you on track with your workouts

  • Our How to Survive the Silly Season Nutrition guide and workbook! For when you still want to go to the social events but don’t want the sluggishness and weight gain! (worth $30)

  • Our Release the Guilt Guide - How to have your cake and eat it too without the guilt! (worth $20)

  • A Burn Out & Stress Workshop with Hayley Stathis (held online from the comfort of your own couch to reduce your ‘out of home commitments’ at this busy time of year) (worth $40)

  • Pineapple Challenge Week - In week 3 of the challenge, all participants get UNLIMITED access to our entire timetable and we challenge you to complete 7 Pineapple Sessions in 7 days! Are you up to it?

  • A Pineapple Tote bag to bring to training, take to the beach, go to the markets with! (worth $10)

  • Accountability! From your trainers and the rest of the crew doing the Triple S Challenge! (Priceless)

  • SUMMER READY Prizes for two lucky winners valued at $100 each. Those who complete their class quota they declare to commit to at the start of the challenge each week will go into the draw to win! (Goal Quota = 4-5 sessions for unlimited membership gals, 2 sessions for 2/week membership gals)

All this is just $19 (For current members)

$100 of products for $19!

The Details

When: We begin on MONDAY the 12TH nOVEMBER. It finishes up on the 21st December which is daaa daaa… the day of our CHRISTMAS party! This is where we will announce the winners of the prizes!


This is not a diet. This is simply a set of principles that will help you feel the healthiest, happiest, best version of yourself while still staying social this Christmas! It is not in our values to encourage you to cut out the things that make Christmas, Christmas! We want to enjoy this time of year by having a drink with friends on a hot December’s afternoon and indulging in your best friends homemade pavlova or your mum’s world renown Christmas cake! It’s not about restriction, it’s about giving you the tools to help you make your body and soul feel RADIANT this Christmas!

Not a current member of Pineapple Fitness and would like to train with us too?

No worries! Join us for the 6 weeks and join in the challenge! You will receive unlimited access to our women's only group fitness sessions for 6 weeks and a introductory goal setting chat with you trainers to set a plan that will give you success plus all of the above. The cost for this is $53 per week - that’s $10.60 a session based on 5 sessions per week!

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