Court has always hated exercise, she enjoyed swimming and being outdoors but the thought of running or throwing weights around has always made her cringe. Three years ago, she decided to get a breast reduction as they had always held her back from so many activities. Now with so much 'chest freedom' she decided to get active! She joined a gym but still struggled with motivation and could not stand being indoors after working inside an office all day!

She heard about Pineapple Fitness and decided to see what they were all about. So one morning in the middle of winter, Court made her first outdoor training debut! All she could think about was how bad of a runner she was, how she didn't know anyone and how she thought everyone would be judging her. BUT from the moment the warm up was over and were told to partner up, she was pleasantly surprised to see every girl offered to be her partner. Every girl introduced themselves and asked her where she was from. Every girl encouraged her when she complained about feeling like a 'baked potato'. Every girl high fived her at the end of her first sesh. In Court's own words ' I went in feeling all the wrong feels and finished surrounded by all the RIGHT feels!'

Courtney came back every day for 6 days and become a member right away. For the last 12 months, she's at training 5-6 days a week and works her week around them. She is now stronger than she has ever been, down a dress size and feels confident and happy within herself! She is lifting weights like a pro, organising runs on a Sunday morning for the community, & can hold herself up in handstand off the wall!

Court says 'Some days I think, OMG I can't run another metre then one of the girls next to me says "Come on, we can do this together" - and that gets me to the end. Sometimes I think, how have I lived in Newcastle this long and not had these women in my life?!’


Sara started with us when her youngest son was 6 months old and felt physically and mentally unfit. It was another attempt at losing weight and getting healthy and when she started, she didn’t really believe that she would stick to it. 

BUT she believes what made this time different was the connections she made with the other Mums and being around supportive women allowed her to start feeling like she can do more and achieve more! So much so that she signed up for City to Surf and remembers climbing Heartbreak Hill as one of her all time highs! 

Sara says the biggest thing she has received from Pineapple Fitness is learning how to love my body and everything it does and continues to do for her. So now she chooses to nourish it with beautiful healthy foods and move everyday. Weight loss has become a welcome side effect of this healthy lifestyle.

In her own words... 'Pineapple Fitness has given me more than I could have ever thought was possible. I’ve witnessed epic sunrises, sand runs, burpees for days and even MMA stands but most of all it has given me Sara back. Happy positive and loving life Sara who I had left behind somewhere behind all the other things prioritised before her. Thank you '


Erin had followed us on social media for about 6 months before she got up the courage to come. She was attracted to the idea of working out with the babysitters so her kids were nearby/entertained. BUT the thing that actually made her get off her ass and go was that it looked so fun! So thanks to the many videos and pics of mums laughing and having fun, Erin came to her first Mums session!

"Starting something new like this was really daunting for me, even though I enjoyed exercising. The girls were so incredibly welcoming and encouraging, and it’s nice to be able to work at your own pace. Some are just beginning and some are faster and more advanced but there’s no judgement.

When I started I only wanted to do the boxing sessions every week as I really enjoy it and it’s very hard to do by yourself. But I enjoyed it so much I’ve tried most of the different classes and I try to mix it up when I come."


Kelly had never exercised before, apart from walking, she was always the kid at school who did everything she could to avoid pe and sport. She played netball for 1 year, and that was the extent of her activity.

After turning up for her first class which she remembers being so nervous for, kel was addicted! She signed up for 3 classes a week, that turned into an unlimited membership, then she even became a morning person after giving early morning class a try. Her first week doing 5 classes was another thing i never thought i’d do. But now she is killing 6 sessions + a yoga per week!

Kel has not only achieved her initial goal of weight loss but so many fitness goals. She remembers being able to run the biggest hill in king edward park something she wanted to achieve, and at the end of a 6 week pt4 program – she could! Today she still looks at that hill as something she beat, and loves the opportunity to run it as it's a clear indicator of how far she has come.