BoneBroth Workshop with Shell & Jane (Wholefood Family)

BoneBroth Workshop with Shell & Jane (Wholefood Family)


WHEN: Saturday 29th June 2019
WHERE: Pineapple FItness Studio - 56 Forbes Street, Carrington
INVESTMENT: $20 *see below for bonus!

We are excited to bring you this workshop in conjunction with delightful Jane from Wholefood Family. Shell and Jane invite you to come along and learn how to nourish your body all winter (and year) long with bone broth and discover how simple it is to make, with a bunch of tips/hacks to ensure success when you do it at home.

They will share a bunch of other sneaky wellness tips that they use in every day life.

*It is $20 per ticket but you can bring a friend for free!!!! (limited to availability)

Get in quick so you don’t miss out!

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