So you’ve got your workouts sorted, now you want to know how it all fits with your nutrition and life and all that other stuff you've got to do every day!  

The Pineapple Body Blitz is what you have been asking for! You might have an idea on what-to-do’s, but you need the how-to’s. The real life examples. Practical step-by-steps. A fun, fresh and do-able formula for wellness that bridges the gap between what you put in your mouth and how you feel about your life.

This is not a diet. This is simply a set of principles we live by that help us feel the best! It is for you if you have made the decision to become the healthiest, happiest, best version of yourself – but find the conflicting dietary advice, wellness fads and #fitspo accounts frustrating and confusing. Most importantly, you’re ready to make the switch from wanting to ‘be skinny’ to being unfreakingbelievably HEALTHY AND RADIANT.

The Goals:

  • To complete 20 workouts in 4 weeks so you feel strong and energetic. Either a Pineapple Sesh or an at home Snack Size Workout (that we will give you)

  • To feel radiant and confident in your body by eating 90/10 for the next 4 weeks using eating simple wholefoods (we’ll show you how)

  • To fall in love with living a simple healthy lifestyle and experience sustainable weight loss, glowing skin and boundless energy... just to name a few!

  • To reduce stress in the body and feel balanced, alert and calm heading into the silly season

  • To become the best version of YOU!

“I am stronger than I have ever been, down a dress size, and am confident and happy within myself! Some days I think, I can’t run another metre then one of the girls next to me says “Come on, we can do this together” - and that gets me to the end. Sometimes I think, how have I lived in Newcastle this long and not had these women in my life?!’”
— Courtney

You will receive access to the following:

Screenshot 2019-10-30 12.17.08.png
  • A 30 day 'do at home' snack size workout challenge to do on the days you don't attend Pineapple (or can supercharge your day and do both)

  • Our 9.5 Nutrition Principles Ebook. Follow these simple 9.5 steps to transform your body into the strongest, most energetic and confident version of you!

  • Example meal plans with recipes, shopping lists and prep guides. Shell and Brit will be posting a day on their plate in the Facebook group each week too!

  • Real-life resolutions to our most common concerns.

  • Accountability! You will also be part of a private Facebook group just for girls doing the Body Blitz with support from all the Pineapple Coaches! This is also where we will share recipes, post how you went with your snack size workout, celebrate our successes and help each other out! There is nothing like the collective energy of a group of women working towards a like goal!

All this is just $49!

The Details

When: We begin on MONDAY the 18th November


I’ve achieved my weight goals and have never, ever, been this fit.

Kelly had never exercised before, apart from walking, she was always the kid at school who did everything she could to avoid pe and sport. She played netball for 1 year, and that was the extent of her activity.

After turning up for her first class which she remembers being so nervous for, kel was addicted! She signed up for 3 classes a week, that turned into an unlimited membership, then she even became a morning person after giving early morning class a try. Her first week doing 5 classes was another thing i never thought i’d do. But now she is killing 6 sessions + a yoga per week!
— Kelly W
‘Pineapple Fitness has given me more than I could have ever thought was possible. I’ve witnessed epic sunrises, sand runs, burpees for days and even MMA stands but most of all it has given me Sara back. Happy positive and loving life Sara who I had left behind somewhere behind all the other things prioritised before her. Thank you ‘
— Sara

Not a current member of Pineapple Fitness and would like to train with us too?

No worries! Join us for the 4 weeks and join in the challenge! You will receive unlimited access to our women's only, group fitness sessions for 4 weeks, access to the private Facebook Forum, plus all the nutrition info above! It takes 21 days to make a habit stick so we're giving you an extra 9 to really make the lifestyle that will give you the results you want stick! The cost for the 4 weeks is one upfront payment of $179 ($6.30 a day!) or $249 including babysitting!

You'll be amazed by what you can achieve in 4 weeks of consistent training and eating clean.