From one mum to another.


I remember when I became a mum, and I remember how many expectations I had on myself about the type of mum I was going to be, the type of mum I had to be. I was so hard on myself, thinking that I had to be capable of everything and wanted to prove to everyone that I was killing it. The reality was Bonnie hardly slept in the day, I was tired and had no idea what I was doing, I was craving adult conversation, I wanted my body to feel and look like it used to. I was afraid that nothing would ever be the same and that I would get lost in the process. I felt that if I could move my body and get fit I would have energy and I could be the best version of myself for my baby and my family, but I was too afraid to start because I didn’t want to feel even worse around the super healthy amazing mums, I’d be wobbling all over the place, trying to keep my shirt down over my muffin tops and what if my boobs leaked milk everywhere while I was running, and my pelvic floor I am pretty sure it had left the building…… oh and what if I left Bonnie and she needed me, the guilt, I would never forgive myself… I’d be dead from embarrassment and guilt! If the workout didn’t kill me first.


Are you craving some time to yourself to focus on your own health and fitness, but it seems impossible? Does the idea of getting some guilt free exercise and fresh air, and socialising with other Mums sound lush? Are you ready to get fit for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one trainer in a supportive and fun environment, with babysitters on board to keep babes entertained while you workout?

It’s our mission to help empower Newcastle Mums to achieve this and more! We’re so passionate about working with Mums, because some of us trainers are Mums too. We understand the challenges of motherhood, and the act of juggling everything and everyone else and never having time to take care of myself. Been there, done it!

Pineapple Mums is all about giving you a great workout with friends, and some ‘me’ time. The best bit? We have babysitters to watch your little ones while you do it. The added bonus is that your little one gets introduced to an active lifestyle from the start!

We’re so proud to have created a beautiful, supportive community of like-minded Mums and we’d love for you to join us.

I joined Pineapple Fitness when my second baby was four months old. I had maintained a reasonable level of fitness throughout my pregnancy but was finding it very difficult to get out of the house with a toddler and newborn, and I wanted to feel fit again…

From my very first session where I was greeted by Brittany’s beaming smile, I felt welcomed into a wonderful group of women - and I loved that my children were so well cared for while I had the opportunity to exercise.

Although I didn’t have any specific health goals when I joined PF, I found that within 12 months I was the fittest I had ever been. My previous fitness regime had been predominantly jogging and walking, so it felt great to add in some weights, interval training and boxing, under the guidance of amazing trainers who are particularly knowledgeable about the needs of women and mothers.

The community is welcoming, inspiring and a whole lot of fun! The sessions are often a highlight of my day and I now can’t imagine my life without Pineapple Fitness.
— Amanda Rose