A place to be your best self.


Pineapple Fitness is Newcastle favourite fitness community, just for women. Since 2013, the Pineapple Team have started and finished their days by providing a space for the women of Newcastle and Lake Mac to be their best selves and achieve their fitness goals!  We get freakin’ excited and pride ourselves on providing sustainable health and fitness results in a fresh and simple way. We thought why can’t looking after your health be joyous? Fun, even. And so Pineapple Fitness was born. Unlike traditional gyms that do not provide any structure, direction or support, we focus on our members as individuals, and provide the specific tools, support and accountability you need to achieve life changing results.  We also have a deep passion for building a fun and inspiring community that you can belong to.

As a locally owned personal training studio, your success genuinely means everything to us. We get to know you personally and you won’t be just another number. We have built an environment where you’ll feel comfortable working out and we’ll give you the guidance you need to reach your goals. Ready to transform your lifestyle and never look back?